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Tropical Cyclone Charlotte from satellite
Tropical Cyclone Charlotte from satellite

over the southern Indian Ocean a hurricane, the name of the thing CharlotteWhich has intensified significantly in the past few hours until it arrived Equivalent to Class 2 of the Atlantic hurricanes. However, its center is located some distances from the coast of the continent, at coordinates 17.5S 109.1E, or 700 kilometers from the coast of Western Australia. He is able to excite Winds up to 170 km/h that flying Waves up to 11 meters highWhile the system is moving south at a speed of 8 km / h.

In the next few days, it will continue to move south, rolling on gradually cooler waters and thus losing part of its energy. Even weakened by a tropical storm as of tomorrow. Its course does not appear to directly endanger coastal sites as it will always stay away from Australian coasts, but Between Friday and Saturday, the distance will decrease to about 300 km And it could have consequences, even if not direct, for the course of the weather on the central coasts of the Australian state.

Charlotte road
Charlotte road

In fact, they are expected rain even very severe In the western parts of the state with accumulations of precipitation above 50 mm and strong wind gusts on the coasts adjacent to Kalbarri National Park could present a predicament for surfers who frequent the popular coronation beaches Medalia, Pages, Point Moore, Separation Point, Sunset and St. George.

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