Weather report. In Siberia severe frosts continue, and peaks still reach -62°C. As cold as India, Pakistan and Afghanistan «3B Meteo

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Frost in Siberia in file photo
Frost in Siberia in file photo

The severe frost that afflicted the Russian Far East a few days ago has not receded, as extreme temperatures are recorded. For the third day in a row in Siberia, the lower limits are dropping below -60C, even if they didn’t deviate much in the previous days. -62°C is the value recorded in Dzhampa today, Monday, as it is on Sunday. -61 °C recorded in nearby Selagoncy, also in this case the same value on Sunday.

The frozen air mass engulfing Asian Russia is expanding south even Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India, With minimum temperatures dropping to -19°C in Kabul, 4°C in Karachi and -4°C in Tehran on Sunday, while some stations in the Indian capital, New Delhi, were close to zero and even today they were recorded. with a minimum of +1°C. Even the minimum -2°C was recorded on Monday in places south of New DelhiI am, precisely in Sicar and Choro, at 300/400 meters above sea level.

They have been reported in Pakistan peaks +1°C in shore, In the southeast sector at 5m 2s in Bad Aidan at 46m. The city of Karachi on the Pakistani coast recovered a few degrees, with a low of +6 degrees Celsius.

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