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Europe, between an Atlantic hurricane and a record heat
Europe, between an Atlantic hurricane and a record heat

There is a deep cyclonic cycle approaching from the Atlantic Ocean to Western Europe and reconnecting since yesterday, Wednesday Very warm currents from northwest Africa to southwestern Europe. Spring soon turns into summer in the Iberian Peninsula, as really remarkable heat values ​​are reached in that period. In Spain and France, the plume has risen to peaks of 30 degrees and more, with several records broken for the month of March. In France, 38 monitoring stations recorded the highest value ever for the current month.

Points 31 ° C on Wednesday in France. The highest temperatures were recorded in Samadet, New Aquitaine with 31.3 °CAnd also thanks to the southerly winds falling from the Pyrenees. The temperature in Spain reached 30 degrees Celsius in the city of OntónOn the Atlantic coast near Bilbao. Southern Spain is also very hot, with Andalusia already reaching peaks of 29°C at several stops.

impending heat sink. However, it is a very transient heat wave and calorific values ​​are expected to drop rapidly. In fact, the hurricane from the Atlantic will carry a front pouring colder air over Western Europe by tomorrow, and it will also distribute Heavy rains and showers also fell between France and northern Spain (also in England)Where temperatures drop up to 15 degrees Celsius.

storm winds. From the early hours of tomorrow, the center of the vortex will be positioned between southwest England and Ireland, activating gusty winds over the Franco-Iberian Atlantic and over the English Channel, with Local gusts exceeding 100 km / h.

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