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Flood rain continues to fall in California; A powerful new storm has swept through the western Pacific Ocean, giving millions of people no rest. Heavy rains, landslides and lots of snow on the hills continued non-stop for weeks. According to the authorities, at least 17 people died due to the rough seas of bad weather.

California is experiencing one of the wettest periods in recent years after years of drought also due to the multi-year La Niña. For San Francisco, which was flooded, This is the third most rainy period in 15 days. The Sierra Nevada has received a lot of snow, in some areas it exceeds 4 m in height; More snow is still expected in the coming days. Just two weeks ago, large parts of California were experiencing a severe, severe drought. While this water is a relief, it can have negative effects as it helps to weaken the soil making it more vulnerable to floods and landslides. In fact, more rain is still expected and this excess water could be an aggravating factor.

Why does it rain so much in California? The pattern has changed in the Pacific. La Nina usually brings drier weather over California but a drastic change occurred during the month of December. The jet stream over the Pacific has strengthened and relaxed, and that has paved the way for large areas of low pressure in which atmospheric rivers have found their place, flows of moisture that fuel the very rainy turbulence. This is a pattern akin to El Nino. However, this situation is expected to ease by the end of the month due to the decline of Pacific aircraft.

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