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Weather – Hail storm hits West Virginia, United States. There are damages, details

Bad weather accompanied by winter weather

As well as since the beginning of this week conditions the weather Inside our peninsula, it seems unstable today, especially in the southern regions Main islandsWith heavy showers locally, too. This is thanks to the effects that currents of a cooler nature of origin have brought on Earth Artica Which favored a general reduction in temperatures to the usual winter values After the last spring that definitely feels like February.

Snow and rain continue to fall in the evening at medium altitudes in the south

If so so far the weather It was also somewhat troubled thanks to the orographic effect, In the evening, approaching the lowest low of the depression towards our peninsula will encourage further deterioration of the weather in the southern regions, with more uniform rain and will also affect the interior of the shoe, with snowfall of 700/800 meters.. Possible rains also reach the westernmost regions of Sicily While an improvement is expected in the central regions.

A violent hailstorm hits West Virginia

A little work United State Still not timed out since then bad weather Which often has severe connotations. In fact, last week Three different hurricane series hit first in Texas, then in Alabama and finally in Mississippi, until they caused one death in the latter.. However, the flow of cold and unstable currents, with the help of high potential energy in the atmosphere, continues to cause severe phenomena and a violent hailstorm in the last hours that will strike West Virginia, As we will see in the next paragraph.

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