Weather from NCEP: Europe with anomalous high pressure effect Canada with hot record

Weather with warm recording source ncep
Weather with warm NCEP source records سجل

proposed climate evolution American Weather Center NCEP – NOAAAnd the Provide training An unusual hurricane over part of Europe. An extremely large anomaly could form in a large part of the ancient continent, producing Standard heat wave.

In particular, in the part Eastern continent European will be formed high pressure with unusual related values ​​for that region, which would compress Air in the lower layers of the atmosphereAnd the Brings out her warmth. At the end of June, the temperature reached record levels per month in Moscow, as it has been for 120 years. Russia will again be the target of a record weather event, where pressure values ​​at high altitudes will be more anomalous.

Ma All regions of the Mediterranean, including Italy, You may find Inside the anti-vortex structure To whom will he go? Air pressure in the lower layers of the atmosphere. For this, in the Mediterranean region, the effects of the expansion of very hot air coming from the desert. This would go to the trigger heat waves.

This can be seen from the American mathematical model that extends its predictions to a validity of one and a half months.

From the maps that express the values ​​of anomalies at different levels of the atmosphere, we see one of them Kind of tongue of fire which should extend from the area From the Maghreb to Italy, then all of Central Europe, Scandinavia and Western Russia. The Maximum peak anomaly It should occur in the regions of the Arctic Circle, exactly towards northern Norway and Lapland.

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first heat wave موجة
first heat wave موجة
The second heat wave
second heat wave

At the same time, a An unusual core of cold airواء It will affect western Europe, especially Portugal and western Spain, where the temperature is significantly lower than average.

The same mathematical model is proposed to predict, in the long run Anomalies of temperature in Europebut with some Arctic newswhereLarge area with below average temperatures Which can contrast with the above-normal temperature values, which would characterize the European climate throughout the month of July.

In conclusion, the July, also pointed out by the Weather Center From the Italian Air ForceHowever, temperatures can be well above average over Italy. However, it can start to rain more regularly Northern Italy.

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