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Series of upheavals for Europe
Series of upheavals for Europe

Rain has returned this week in central western Europe that suffer more than others from drought. February was an odd month due to the persistence of the anticyclone; In France measurable rain (less than 1 mm) It has not been recorded for 32 consecutive days, the longest since 1959. The anticyclone, which has kept Atlantic turmoil at bay, is about to give way to a corridor of very moist air masses. What is important is the flow of steam within atmospheric rivers coming from the Caribbean. According to the forecast, this rainy phase should also extend into the following week.

Very high humidity flow for this period
Very high humidity flow for this period

These are the consequences of global warming Which opens the door to the Atlantic for the arrival of some rainy disturbances. The moist Atlantic air will contrast with the Arctic air, which will meanwhile spread over central and northern Europe, causing Great Britain to snow even in the lowlands. Snow is expected in London. Instead, a huge cyclone over southern Europe will weaken the turbulence on the peninsula Where, however, precipitation is expected.

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