weather forecast. Australia, new exceptional hailstorms. Target New South Wales

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In Australia, intense thunderstorms that stem from them continue to follow each other almost daily Exceptional hailstorms. At the beginning of the week, it was your turn Queensland, where the record for the size of a single grain was set, 16 cm in diameter Against the previous record of 14 cm. In the past few hours, bad weather has moved south and across the border between Queensland and New South Wales. The area in question is that Coffs Harbor On the state’s northeastern coast, between the suburbs of Sawtell and Toormina.

Here there were severe thunderstorms and violent hailstorms that caused not only large-scale flooding, but also Serious damage to cars and infrastructureIn addition to the presence of covered streets and gardens, giving it a semi-winter appearance. Approximately 400 people who were inside a mall were evacuated Due to the collapse of the roof of the building under the weight of water and cold.

The local authorities fear for many people who have to return home from their places of work, Due to exorbitant weather and communication road conditions, they are often rendered unusable by floods, risking finding their homes damaged by the fury of hailstorms on a dizzying Wednesday.

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