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We are now At the end of the summer season as you know it, On September 1, Autumn Meteorology officially enters. But summer has been shaking for a long time already, August witnessed Several storm waves With dire consequences for some regions, the situation does not seem to be stabilizing. This is because Between Northern Europe and the North Atlantic There are two different actions, but with the same goal, which are to exert their influence. On the one hand, we have streams Coming from Scandinavia flowing in retrograde motion under a large anti-cyclone shield located between the UK and the North Sea, on the other hand we have wet Atlantic infiltration He tries to take steps towards the east. It will go like this:

From 29 to 31 August – in our sector Scandinavian influence will prevailit is expected that there will be a front on the peninsula between On August 30 and 31And the It’s going to be a rather slow front as it will be Comparison result between the cold air coming from the northeast and the wetter and warmer currents coming from the west, so he will be able to bring Also intense phenomena and thunderstorms. The areas most at risk will be the northern and central regions, but thunderstorms are also expected in the south, especially the peninsula and in particular in the middle hours of the day.

From 1 to 3 September – Cold currents back towards the Baltic sector will be undermined by strengthening the Atlantic depression. This will ensure partial Anticyclone return on central basin from the Mediterranean but also preparing for new unstable infiltrations. These may be able to bring new strong thunderstorms to the northern center on Day 3 but thunderstorms, albeit in a more isolated form, can strike as early as September 1st. Southern regions should be more protected from typhoon and also affected by a High temperatures

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For more forecast details, see the Italy specific weather section.

To know the state of the seas and winds in detail, click here.

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