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Hot record in Argentina and Australia The southern hemisphere summer proves to be particularly hot. It’s been just over two weeks since its astronomical debut and temperatures are well above seasonal averages at record values ​​across the planet. in South America especially Argentina To deal with the sweltering heat, temperatures exceed 40°C on a large scale with peaks reaching 45°C in some areas of the country. It’s very hot even in Patagonia Where the only glaciers on this planet are advancing instead of regressing, they have touched the extremes here I 43 degrees Celsius and merged with large forest fires. Meanwhile, the excessive use of air conditioning systems in major cities such as Buenos Aires It led to many power outages. The situation is also tragic from my point of view Rainfall, the Nina It is causing a prolonged drought that has severely tested agriculture in the entire country.

Similar case Also on the other side, in Australia Where we have now moved tohot emergency For the scorching temperatures that affect the western part of the country. Drawn in the coastal town of Onslow Highest record temperature since 1960, when temperatures at Oodnadatta Airport in South Australia reached i 50.7 °C. Similar temperatures 50.5°C A . has also been reached Roeburn e Mardi, here also equal to historical records but for 1998. Also lack of precipitation Affected by this anomalous warming that will continue for the next 3-4 days Possible new records.

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