“We women will change this rule” –

He takes off his helmet and smiles Abbasi Forough: Ranked 63rd in her first female giant tour Cortina World Cup So it remains excluded from the second, It began with bib number 87. Among the newer. His victory is here with the best athletes on the planet: “We only spent two weeks training, it was tough but I’m happy.” Team mates pass by non-stop in the hallway, Atefeh Ahmadi Avoid uncomfortable questions with a smile: “I don’t know.”

Vorough Instead he speaks well, responding to the case of the national team coach, Samira Al-Zarqari, who stayed home because her husband didn’t want her to go. “It’s a rule and that’s all in Iran, and we women are trying to change it with all our might. This is not the first time this has happened, I really hope we can change it all together. Everyone of us is trying. Samira will come back stronger than before and we will be more proud of her ».

She speaks like a river, in excellent English, is 27 years old, was born in Shiraz and has already shared two versions of Winter Olympics, a Sochi in 2014 Then in Korea in 2018. Her passion was difficult to cultivate: “I do not advise my girls to become skaters: everything is too expensive, it is very difficult to prepare and buy equipment. For example, to come here we had to purchase some of the things ourselves and they were very expensive. To support myself, after training, I am a ski instructor. I have to work ten days to hold my mask to goggles. It is very difficult to continue, it is better if it stopped, for my family in light of the efforts they are making. ”

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She says that more and more girls are playing sports in Iran: “Now there is no difference with men in this matter, even if sometimes something happens as happened to our coach.” “We are trying to change, but now the most important thing for others is to see that we are more and more in international competitions, to be an example to follow.”

Speaking of the coach, she revealed surprising things, that her husband, for example, is a Turkish, born and raisedIs the United States: “She is also a free woman, she has always traveled, she has traveled all over the world. We can drive, and do anything. It’s the first time something like this has happened to her, and it’s these rules that help men, sometimes, be stronger. But it will change ». Samira misses in Cortina: “She is really a strong woman, she was my coach since the first Olympiad, and from here she will come out stronger.”

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