We will not forget the raid on the US Congress. “


The Trump supporters’ raid on Congress “will not be able to cancel it.” This is what the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, announced in an interview with “Che tempo che fa” exclusively on TV in Italy in his autobiography “The Promised Land”, published in Italy by Garzanti. In fact, he adds in a video link with Fabio Fazio in the broadcast on RaiTre, “We must imprint it in our minds to remember that democracy is not a good that comes from heaven, but that we must all renew it. We must always invest in democracy.” Moreover, because we are “overwhelmed with information, a lot of it is wrong” and thus, “harmful to our democracies”. “Politics is not perfect like everything for human beings, but it can be done in a positive way, in which case it makes a contribution to society, or in a negative way, and then it brings about conflict.”

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Obama began the interview by welcoming “hello” in Italian, and also immersed himself in some memories of his youth. “My childhood dream was to be an architect, and he was also interested in basketball, but I definitely wasn’t LeBron James. I definitely never dreamed of becoming a president.” As for Michelle, she described her as “a very critical and difficult person, and one of the reasons I marry her is because she always pushes me to do my best.” “Everyone knows Michelle and they know very well that she is better than me.”

It also talks about Syria. “There are things that happened during the presidency and broke your heart, one of them was what happened in Syria. The Arab Spring was a great promise to democratize the region, but in places like Syria that promise turned into a civil war with the participation of the Russians. And the Iranians.” “I had to make a series of decisions to improve the situation without re-invading another country in the Middle East because I thought it was irresponsible.”

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