“We will give a billion doses to the poor” –

* British Prime Minister

Does not exist More compelling and tragic evidence of the need for global cooperation From the pandemic that swept the world and harvested More than 3.7 million victims.

For the first time since the beginning of this catastrophe, The G7 leaders will meet in person today for A summit that I will head myself in Cornwall, in the UK. I also invited the prime ministers of India, Australia, the presidents of South Korea and South Africa A broader confrontation with other democracies and free societies.

We have a common goal: a goal Win the epidemic, reduce risks For similar new events and rebuilding better societies from the ruins of this tragedy.

Around the table in Cornwall will be the world’s largest and most advanced economies, ready to mobilize their skills and competencies against a common enemy.

The genius and perseverance of our scholars have brought us Safe Vaccines and effective against Covid-19. Now our most urgent task is to use it for her protection of humanity as soon as possible.

The UK has committed £548m to Covax, e He will also donate most of the overdose from the national immunization programme.

In this serious crisis, we must all work even harder. So I want to repair G7 A difficult but very necessary goalProvide one billion doses to developing countries to vaccinate all people in the world by the end of next year.

No one has ever attempted such a feat before And if you doubt the possibility, I urge you to be inspired by the extraordinary work already done in the plight of this pandemic. Our scientists have developed vaccines for Covid-19 faster than ever before. The UK and many other countries are immunizing their citizens faster than previously thought possible.

We must now be guided by the same spirit of urgency and creativity in a global effort to protect all of humanity. We can do it, we must do it, and And we will do it thanks to this G7 Summit قمة.

But the truth is that even if we succeed, our efforts will be of little value if another deadly virus emerges and unleashes a new catastrophe.

We have to do it for this Strengthening our collective capabilities To prevent another pandemic and provide early warning mechanisms for future threats, including by creating a network of monitoring centers – a global pandemic radar.

In addition to containing our new disaster risk Commit to finding a positive side to the severe test we face. We need to rebuild better societies and lay the foundations for a global economic recovery on a greener and fairer basis.

Millions of girls around the world are deprived of an educationThis hinders the development of entire societies. This is a moral assault and a serious impediment to economic growth. Our common goal must be to ensure that 40 million more girls are educated by 2025. I will ask the G7 and host countries to contribute more to the Global Partnership for Education’s goal of raising $5 billion for schools in developing countries.

As the number of classes increases, At the same time, we must create job opportunities that meet the needs of new young talents and protect the environment they will inherit. The G7 could push these two goals forward, encouraging a green industrial revolution and promising to halve carbon emissions by 2030, in order to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.

The whole world will soon come together to face this crucial challenge: in November, in fact, the UK will host the COP26 conference in Glasgow, which is being organized in collaboration with Italy. Meanwhile, I want the G7 to protect biodiversity for future generations, pledging to protect at least 30% of the land and oceans by 2030.

We must also offer developing countries the transparent, high-quality investments they need to build clean and green national infrastructure, and to boost their economies.

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