“We use a lot of them.” In Lazio the day is open on the weekends

Substantially compensated regions with departmental goals, With more doses of Astrazeneca expected in some regions among the new arrivals: Veneto, Lombardy and Piedmont they can actually collect it. Waiting for June, which – emergency commissioner Francesco Vigliolo explains – will be the “turning point of the month”, we are aiming for “more balances” on the Anglo-Swedish vaccine in the country, so that the doses do not remain in the refrigerators and we can vaccinate as much as possible without preserving Anything in stock.

In the country, in the past 24 hours, the threshold of 500 thousand could be crossed The injection for the sixth time in two weeks while overall there are eight million people vaccinated with the first and second doses: more than 13% of Italians. And in fact, there are regions that, in addition to aligning with the desired goals, could do more if they had more flasks available: Lombardy – where the number of citizens who reject Astrazeneca is 0.5%, which is one of the lowest in Italy – would like to have Up to 300,000 more doses per week than were actually received, through the compensation mechanism.

“Regarding this format, he told us that they are making the necessary assessments. We Lombards have a great advantage that we use all vaccines without any problem, even AstraZeneca, “explains the governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana. In Veneto, the potential would be 140,000 shots per day, but at the moment we work on the basis of availability and the quota remains at 85,000. Piedmont at the moment there are about 30,000 shots, but with a different number of doses, it will reach 50,000 shots, to reach 80,000 by the end of May This is why the army trucks carrying the new Oxford vaccine loads could be transferred in the coming weeks to those areas that are most used for them. , As indeed happened in the last days of the balance between Sicily and Puglia.

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But the mechanism – as the commissioner’s structure reveals – is only temporary. The scales will be temporary and aim in any case to recover and maintain the distribution of vaccines according to population. For the other regions, on the other hand, the goal is to get rid of the doses by going backwards on the age groups also in light of the last judgment given by Vigliolo, who in the last hours sent a letter to the referees to give the green. Light for bookings from May 17th. For those born until 1981, so are those over the age of 40.

This weekend in Lazio there will be an open day specially designated and only with Astrazeneca shots. In Friuli – Massimiliano Fedriga announces – “As of Monday, if there are free places on the agendas at the time of booking, persons over the age of 40 will also be included.” On the other hand, Lombardy continues to focus as much as possible on the older age groups starting at the age of 40 as of May 20.

On the issue of delaying the withdrawal of the Pfizer vaccine, Cubas announced on 15 May that an appeal had been submitted to the third evaluation report: “All official documents have been analyzed and none has shown scientific evidence to justify expansion. The timing of the administration of the second dose of the vaccine. A purely political decision.”

On the other hand, there is no problem with “de-dosing” in Germany. The Oxford vaccine has already been exhausted in the offices of family doctors, after the suspension of the priority order on the categories that was announced on May 6 last year exclusively for this vaccine. The head of the North Rhine Pharmacy Association explains that this type of vaccine is “so much in demand that the available quantities are barely sufficient”.

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The increase in demand will be related to reducing the time interval for taking the second dose (according to the terms of the German health system to four weeks), continues Bress: “This vaccine is attractive to young people. “They want to be ready for the upcoming easing of restrictions while fully protecting the vaccination.”

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