We tried out the new soccer video game that will revitalize esports

The world of esports is about to experience a major shock with the arrival of FIFA’s alternative: FC24. The game that until last year depended on a thirty-year partnership with the association that governs the sport of football will now have to go it alone, but only up to a point. The FC24 community, that is, the FIFA community until next September 29, the release date of the new video game, consists of 150 million players interacting with 100 stadiums, 19,000 athletes and 700 clubs that are part of Electronic Arts. wallet.

Three sections

The game will be divided into three large sections: Player and Career Manager, Clubs and Volta Football and Volta Team, each with very important changes coming. On a technological level, for example, FC24 will use artificial intelligence to replicate the running style and movement of all the top players, and thanks to a new type of player movement scanning, some of the most spectacular moves on stadiums around the world. The world could be translated into in-game animations within a week.


However, FC24’s biggest news is Playstyles, which are the skills (each with its own enhanced version called Playstyle +) that players will have available in all modes, from Career to Ultimate Team. Playstyles are passive elements that improve a specific aspect of a player’s game. Some increase the power of heading shots, others speed up dribbling and still others allow for tighter defence. Not all players will have access to all 34 available game modes and only the best players will be able to get the + version that enhances a particular feature. The Playstyle Trickster, for example, has access to unique deflection animations; On the other hand, those with the Dead Ball bonus will have a wider shooting line on free kicks, then there are power heads, quick dribbles, blocks and many more. To make all of these new maneuvers even more efficient, the developers have introduced a new command management system that eliminates precious milliseconds of waiting between pressing buttons on the controller and players responding on the screen both online and offline.

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How does the new Ultimate Team work?

A nice breath of fresh air, and the potential for instability, is also coming to the Ultimate Team mode that Garreth Reeder, senior producer, and Jean Teather, producer, explained to us. Starting with FC24, “you’ll be able to develop your Ultimate Team players by improving their stats and unlocking new Playstyles,” said Reeder. Thus you will be able to improve both the overall ratings and the individual statistics of each player you find; We don’t know how simple or accessible it is as a function, but it’s certainly a unique perspective on EA’s competitive soccer simulation. To evolve a player, you will have to place him inside the evolution pass, and from here the game will follow his movements in the game to complete certain challenges. Once completed, you will unlock your first evolution and receive permanent improvements.

female players

The other big news in FC24’s Ultimate Team mode is that 1,600 players from the main women’s leagues in Europe will get into the Ultimate Team but the Serie A women’s league is still missing. It would be possible to create mixed teams because “every athlete receives a rating that respects their performance in their tournament,” Teather said, “so we can sort out the game plan.” Finally, all aspects of the old FIFA career mode have been restructured into the two main pillars that make up the single-player experience in FC24: player and manager careers, i.e. modes that have the player manage an entire team or a single player. Alex Constantinescu, Principal Game Designer and Pete O’Donnel, Director of Game Design, told us that this choice is also dictated by the fact that FIFA’s audience is divided into two parts: the younger ones are more interested in individual characters and are often more attached to the individual footballer (such as Eaters Cannibal Erling Haaland, cover star) instead of the team.

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Lots of changes

On the other hand, players aged 25 and over are more traditional in their approach to digital football and are ready to cheer on the team, regardless of its members.” There are many technical changes, both for functionality and for other popular modes such as Pro Club and Volta Football and online, you will find our full examination of everything we managed to discover on FC24 by trying it even for several hours.Now we just have to wait for our review to find out if all these promises will be kept, if Playstyles will break the game, and if Ultimate Team will change drastically with the introduction of developments.

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