“We learned from the first leg, we will play it equally.”

Rome – A few hours later it will be RomeAjax. Trigoria’s maximum concentration for a match that tastes like a final, race Rome wants to try to win Without relying on the going result. Ajax coach Eric this afternoon Ten Hag And goalkeeper Martin Stekelenburg They attended the press conference at the Olympico to present the match.

Will anything change compared to the first match? Maybe with Proby in the front and Tadic on the left.
“In the first leg, we created many chances and we have many possibilities. Tomorrow we will see what we achieve,” he added.

Will Ajax’s performance from the first leg be enough to qualify?
“It’s a double challenge, we learned from the first leg. We lost the first round, but we played well and we are optimistic. We came to the penalty area several times, we fought back and tomorrow we will do the same.”

She often tries to play midfield.
“Roma will be able to pressure in different ways, and our way of playing will also depend on how they play. We will have to adapt.”

Ajax also played against Atalanta this year. Where will he reach in the Italian league?
“Against Atalanta and Roma, we took the lead. Last time we couldn’t double. We know that we need to improve, but in Italy we will play as equals.”

How are the injured players?
“Everyone here is fine and can take part in the game.”

Roma are dangerous on the counter-attack, Ajax must score two goals.
“Yes, they are strong in the counterattack, but in the first leg we received very little, and tomorrow we will have to do the same.”

What should you do tomorrow to get a positive result?
“Don’t change your way of playing, at home or abroad you will play 11v11 and the stadium is the same size. It depends on us, we will face Roma with that spirit.”

In the formation there is a problem with the right-back. Who will play in the middle?
“We have many possibilities, I don’t say which ones to use. It will depend on the financial conditions, who can play here, but there are those who have done more and less, we will make a final evaluation. We will see what we will need during the match.”

Tadic on the left and the front end is a possibility?
“I did not say that Tadic cannot play in other positions. He likes to start from there and play as the first striker, but this also depends on the state of the form and the things we need.”

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If eliminated, would that be a failure?
“No, I don’t think so. I will stay in Ajax even if I get eliminated. I just focus on Ajax, I still have a contract for next year, and here I am in very good shape. A team in the key to the future. We measure ourselves against great opponents in Europe.”

Are you satisfied with the shape of the team? You are close to winning the championship …
“We are happy to play every three days, and the boys are doing well. The group is growing.”

Did you summon an athlete during the national hiatus?
“With Roma, despite our absences, we performed excellently, there will be no problem.”

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Do you have any regrets about your adventure in Rome?
“It was tough years, it was my fault. But I was okay, it was a good experience. I got out of Ajax, where everything was perfect, it was very useful to me.”

Are you blaming yourself for something?
“No, I have no regrets in my career. It was all intense experiences.”

How’s the knee?
“Well, I recovered. I had a problem, and tomorrow I’m not going to risk playing.”

A complicated experience in Rome, do you want revenge or revenge?
“No, definitely not. I’m here to do my best. I don’t have any revenge for me, it will be a problem if I have to find additional motivation for football.”

What is the importance of the penalty box?
“Football is changing, so is the way the barrier is placed, for example with the guy behind it. Sherpen did a good job, mistakes happened. He was ashamed of, but it’s things that happen. We make each other strong.”

Is it a good idea to come back here?
“Of course, I was here two years ago. The weather was better, it was much warmer (laughs).”

How do you see the game?
“It was a balanced game in the first leg. We have to be more precise in front of goal. The Italian teams are strong in defense, and we have to take advantage of the opportunities.”

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