“We have to go back to the Italian league and copy Atalanta” – Sport

With style that sets him apart from superstition, Joe Tacopina is relaunching the Blue and White Project Speak without overpowering the Serie A target and Atalanta model. “The Mezze is a museum between the houses, in the center of the city: the stadium is one of the four reasons why I focused on Spal – the president admitted to Tuttosport -. The others? History of the club and above all the warmth of the club and here old and young are cheering on Spal as the first team and not in addition to Juventus, AC Milan and Inter .

In Ferrara, there is encouragement for champions and I understood that even before I became president. There is a wonderful spirit that can be felt in every corner of the city: I also got to know it thanks to Mayor Fabri, with whom I have an excellent relationship that will lead us to implement many projects. The fourth reason is the youth sector, which is one of the top five sectors in Italy. Young people matter: they generate value, profits and capital gains, as evidenced by the sale of Seck to Turin for four million. For the current season, I would like to win all the matches and fight for the first division, but we will try again next year. However, the current arrangement does not reflect our true value. Racing with Alexandria? I know we’re going to win, and I don’t feel pressured. I am not right politically: I speak from the heart and I am ambitious. I have no problem saying that I dream of winning the Scudetto with Spal, as Verona or Ranieri did at Leicester in England. The first goal is to finish the current season in the best possible way, and then return to Serie A with the desire to impress.

If I did not have this dream, I would stay in New York, where work, interests and money would not be lacking. But I’m crazy about Italian football. In fact, I had another dream: to beat an opponent from Milan on the last day and give the Scudetto to the Rossoneri, my favorite team as a boy. The model to follow is Atalanta: I am convinced that Spal can do the same escalation. Ferrara is beautiful and larger than Bergamo, and has a large audience. In five years we can do it because we have an extraordinary nursery, just like a goddess. But first of all we have to go back to the first division and be economically stable. In addition, President Takobina confirmed that Spal represented his latest sporting venture, stating that he wanted League One to aim for something special. Finally, Joe announced a blue and white tour of the United States for the summer.


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