“We fear 236,000 deaths as of December” –

from Silvia Morosi

The World Health Organization sounds the alarm and says it is “extremely concerned” about the “stagnation” of the Covid vaccination rate on the continent

The Covid emergency does not stop. From now until December 1 in Europe, there could be “thousands more deaths” as the WHO Regional Director for Europe reported, Hans Kluge, talking about expectations «236,000 deaths in the next three months
Meanwhile, according to Johns Hopkins University, the total number of deaths since the beginning of the epidemic in the world Exceeds 4.5 million.

WHO: ‘Third dose of vaccine is not perfect’

Kluge called the high transmission levels of the virus “extremely alarming”, saying that 33 of the 53 WHO countries in Europe have reported an increase in coronavirus-related cases of 10% or more in recent weeks. In the past six weeks, vaccinations have fallen by 14%, “due to lack of access to vaccinations in some countries and non-acceptance of vaccination in others”. Kluge therefore urges increasing production capacity and sharing available doses, and discarding any “nationalist temptations.” a The third dose of the booster vaccine It’s a “way to keep safe and Not a luxuryKluge explained.

“The right to receive a full course of vaccination”

Kluge explained that vaccination is “a right but also a responsibility.” He noted that vaccines are – in fact – the path toward reopening societies and stabilizing economies: “In about 8 months, nearly 850 million doses have been administered, with nearly half of the population of the Region fully vaccinated. This is a remarkable achievement. However, In the past six weeks, the spread of vaccination has slowed in the Region, affected by Lack of access to vaccines in some countries and non-acceptance of the vaccine in othersIn short, there is a clear need to increase production, share doses and improve access to vaccines in Member States: “Everyone, everywhere should have the right to Receive a full course of vaccination.

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“Priority for teachers in the vaccination campaign”

What matters now, as the World Health Organization stresses, is that teachers and school staff are among the priority groups to receive two doses of the Covid vaccine. In the memorandum written with UNICEF, it was clarified that immunizing school staff is “an essential measure to be able to keep classrooms open and welcome students into existence”. The recommendation, which follows the one issued in November 2020 before vaccines appeared, aims to recall the importance of vaccinating the “most vulnerable” of the population. Warning from two United Nations agencies A few weeks after the start of the school year,, while recalling that “it is essential that classroom learning continues uninterrupted,” though Variable delta spread around the world. Schools – concludes Kluge – help give children the means to be “happy and productive members of society”.

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