“We do not want to occupy Ukraine,” Kremlin spokesman Peskov told CNN. nuclear weapons? Only if Russia is really threatened”

“Russia will use nuclear weapons only if its existence is threatened,” says Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who, in an exclusive interview with CNN, tried to deflect the voices of several Western analysts who described the Russian advance as increasingly difficult. Ukraine is proceeding as planned – Peskov added as stated Tass Agency – In keeping with its duties. ”This is an opportunity for the Kremlin spokesperson to reiterate what the real goal of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is. According to Peskov, the Russian army will not remain in the country with the intention of its military occupation, but the goal, as in the case of Mariupol, is: “to liberate the city from nationalist units.” And in Speaking about the alleged delays, Peskov explained that: “From the beginning no one thought that – the operation in Ukraine – would take two days.” Peskov also claims that there are Ukrainians cooperating with the Russian army: “They want to avoid casualties and are in contact with our army. If you don’t shoot. On our soldiers, and if you do not try to kill them, no one will touch you.On the origin of the conflict, Peskov said that the Russian reaction was inevitable because: “Ukraine intends to launch a military operation against the Donbass itself.”

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