‘We closed the account for no reason’, Italian account holders angered online

This is certainly a dangerous fact for many checking account holders who have experienced it.

A bank operating in Italy and collecting More and more successful Especially among young people, it has recently banned the checking accounts of some of its clients.

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The protest immediately started online because the suspicious account holders were outraged by their blocked accounts; It was blocked and they can no longer access it.

Rage works online

A banned account is a serious harm to the account holder. It becomes really difficult to make various transfers, payments, or even simple withdrawals. The anger of account holders is great, but the suspicion is great, too. Many Italians wonder if others can follow the example of this bank.


Let’s try to understand better. As it turns out, the bank in question is the n26 bank. It’s a bank Online Exclusive Which is becoming more and more popular in our country. So the bank is successful also thanks to the very low fees charged Appropriate. But how did it happen that the accounts of the various account holders were banned? According to the first reconstructions, it all began in March when he called the bank n26hip of Italy that found deficiencies in anti-money laundering measures.

The bank operates according to the law

So already in March, the Bank of Italy noted non-compliance with measures opposing the laundering of dirty money by Banca n26. Banca n26 has defended itself by supporting its causes but has now closed some accounts. According to some press reconstructions, bank n26 could have worked with a certain amount of zeal even towards completely normal accounts to avoid other Reports by the Bank of Italy.

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Could it happen to other banks?

But these are only the first reconstructions and at the moment it is not clear what actually happened. In one of its press releases, Bank n26 confirmed that it was required to enforce applicable laws and that it acted in accordance with current legislation. In any case, this case caused an understandable sensation and many Italians are wondering if other banks can do things of this nature. At present it does not appear Such actions have been carried out by other banks or there is a real possibility that others will do such a thing.

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