We can get rid of the abdomen and build muscle in one go with this 20-minute home workout

Those who enter the gym do so statistically for two reasons: weight loss or muscle development. Workouts aimed at losing weight and gaining muscle are most in demand by clients for personal trainers. The most daring ask directly magic formula: Burn fat and sculpt muscle in one stroke.

Anyone who understands training theories knows that weight loss and bulking don’t really go together. In order to “build muscle” it is necessary to increase the daily caloric intake a lot, to the point that even bodybuilders accumulate fat during the first phase of muscle growth. But if our goal is to have a lean physique and toned and tight muscles, there are workouts for us. Above all, Kettlebell flushed.

We can get rid of the abdomen and build muscle in one go with this 20-minute home workout

Kettlebell Flow is an increasingly popular type of training, which allows you to pursue two purposes in unison. When we perform a flow, in fact, we raise the heart rate, and at the same time we train muscular endurance.

But what is this Kettlebell flow? Flow is a series of exercises that are performed using a kettlebell (or two), to be performed without any interruption between one and the other. It is a protocol widely used by those who do functional training, such as in a combat sports setting where breathing and strength are required.

The advantages of streaming vary. To do this we need one tool, the bell, it lasts a short time (maximum 20 minutes), and it is not boring at all. Moreover, by training in this way we will improve our time, since we can eliminate the tummy and sculpt muscles at the same time.

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Let’s see below some great exercises to include in our streams.

Best exercises to burn fat and build muscle

When we go to build our flow, we can literally immerse ourselves in it. We can think of the flow of exercises to be done on the floor or standing, bilateral or unilateral.

If our main goal is sweating, then the advice is always to introduce complex exercises, which include more motor chains. From this point of view, excellent exercises can be the overhead squat, the swing, the push-up and the snatch. In short, the more complex the movement, the better (we can easily find video lessons for exercises, adding the specified “kettlebell” to the name).

Regarding the number of exercises, chains, repetitions, one of the ways to start is to choose 4 exercises that repeat 4 times in a row. We can change the number of repetitions of each exercise or leave it constant. We recover at least one minute between series and series.

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