We brush all our teeth this way but according to the dentists, we are making a huge mistake

This is not the first time that we at ProiezionidiBorsa have come into contact with teeth and toothpastes. In fact, we’ve discovered for quite some time that toothpaste can be beneficial for many things. at This articleFor example, we saw the unusual effects of Coca-Cola toothpaste.

Of course, discovering new things about commonly used products is really amazing. We have almost everything in the house, and if we just knew how to use what we had, we’d live better. However, it is also common to try to figure out how best to use the products for what they are made of.

In particular, the first function of toothpaste is definitely not to wash windows. It serves, in fact, to get us to maintain proper oral hygiene. Of course, even here we all knew that. The problem appears in the methods: Are we really sure we know how to brush our teeth properly? Are we really sure we have the right technology and timing? In fact, we clean all our teeth in this way but according to the dentists, we are making a very serious mistake.

The wrong way we all use

When we brush our teeth, we need to know there is a way a certain. Usually, we turn on the tap, put toothpaste on the toothbrush and try to finish brushing our teeth as quickly as possible.

How? Okay, so let’s get the toothbrush to do a horizontal movement on our teeth, so we try to get it all in a few movements. Let’s try to do it quickly, without thinking too much. However, dentists remind us that this is just the wrong way, as it can damage tooth enamel and even gums. Moreover, it is impossible to completely remove plaque in this way.

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Correct method according to dentists

Well, the way all dentists report is that we brush our teeth vertically. From the gum to the end one by one. Sure, it takes much longer but cleaning this way will bring us tremendous benefits. This is why we clean all our teeth in this way but according to the dentists, we are making a huge mistake.

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