We are the only country that does not tell the truth – time

Highlighting the sending of weapons to Ukraine. In the episode “Mezz’ora in pi” aired on October 23 on Rai3. Lucia Annunziata faces one of the first problems that Meloni’s new government will have to face. According to Limes director, Lucio Caracciolo, the Draghi government never disclosed how many and how many weapons it sent to Ukraine to resist the Russian invasion. And this is because if he had done so, he would probably have fallen: “We are the only country in the world that supplies Ukraine with arms without specifying which of them and how many – asserts Caracciolo – and this is because, obviously, the previous government, if it had said so, would have It has fallen. So this lack of transparency is a problem. I don’t know if this government will be able to continue in Ukraine without saying how.”

He continued to talk about foreign policy with Ambassador Giampiro Masulo, President of the International Institute of Graduate Studies – he took those positions, he belongs ». This was stated by Ambassador Giampiero Massolo, President of ISPI, in response to a question about the internal divisions of the new Italian government regarding Italy’s international status. “Antonio Tajani – noted the Ambassador – is the Minister of Foreign Affairs after a visit from Brussels. It does not seem to me that the EPP have made particular objections to him, and, consequently, to the political force with which he is his coordinator. Then there is the momentum of events. There is an attacker who commits horrific things and an attacker who asks for help in defending himself. In the face of that, there is no longer any margin beyond courtship and cultural sympathy.”

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