“We are not in a position to comment.”

Rome – Michael Andretti is serious about his desire to enter F1 with a new team. To announce the moves was his father Mario 1978 World Champion with Lotus who wrote in a tweet to Michael Apply for registration with the FIA ​​to recruit a new team starting in 2024. Andretti Global has the necessary resources and meets all criteria. Now he is waiting for the union’s approval.”. A union that has already proven to be very cold right now. In fact, the FIA ​​spokesman, intercepted by the gate The-Race.comI have declared: “The FIA ​​is not in a position at this time to comment on any interest or registration requests from potential new competitors in connection with the Formula One World Championship.”.

Third attempt

Certainly not definitive signs of closure, on the contrary. What is certain is Michael’s strong will to enter the circus: he has already tried it by buying an existing team, namely Sauber and, above all, Williams. This is also to avoid having to pay the $200 million teams are now requesting from a potential new plant as partial compensation for the reduction in the amount derived from the FOM revenue split, which in this case would be distributed with an additional subject matter. Should the operation go ahead, Andretti Global, which should be based in Indianapolis and center of operations in the UK, will be the first Scuderia to have to pay that amount.

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