“We are gay and we are together”

last May Jake Daniels from BlackpoolThe English second tier team did it Out Becoming the first active professional footballer in the UK to openly claim to be gay. Now, months later, two more players, this time from the Premier League, have come out as gay: “We are gay and we are together”. This is what we read on The Sun where the names of the players and not even the team are given, but the statements of an inside source: “They didn’t want to hide from their teammates. Nobody bothered at least and they had the manager’s support and club management.”is readable.

Not to go out to the public, for now…

But they decided Don’t go out in publiceven if neither of them is ashamed and the announcement may take place in the future.”We read in the sun. “During the season, they wanted to focus on playing football. While making a statement would be a positive thing, it might distract them from their performance on the pitch. Their colleagues were told not to say anything publicly to protect their privacy.”concluded the English tabloid.

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