“We are each other’s strength”

The round of interviews continues Eurovision Song Contest to championsEurovision 2023 (Here’s the complete archive year by year), today it’s Australia’s turn to line up for the first time in its short history Eurovisual band that have been rocking rock performances around the world for twenty years, i.e. Voyager.

During this interview we had a conversation with the drummer Ash Dodcorty and guitarist Simon Dow About the visual European experience that will be realized in the UK in less than a month.

How much of your musical identity has been shaped by being born in the legendary land of AC/DC?

ash: Australia has a huge heavy metal tradition, from historical bands such as Easybeats they AC/DC reach to Polaris And Twelve Foot Ninja from past years. We know how to do heavy metal and above all how to do it well, and being somehow isolated from the rest of the world has also allowed us to shape our music and add an ‘Australian’ touch to it. There isn’t a sound or genre that can’t be rocked by a heavy metal aesthetic!

Simon: I was not born in Australia (I was born in Falkirkin Scotland ed), but I moved there in 1991, anyway, and the opportunities that life opened up to me undoubtedly shaped my musical path. Rock and metal are great scenarios, and Perth in particular is a very good crossroads for these genres. I feel very fortunate to have interned in the local metal scene with so many talented people.

Over the years you have attempted several times to represent Australia at Eurovision since 2015. Last year you finished a very small runner-up to Sheldon Riley, do you think Australia’s decision could be your last chance?

ashkisa: we didn’t think so Eurovision – Australia decides It was really the last lucky ticket forEurovision, even if we are all happy with the result. We had so much fun at the National Final and winning on the televote was crazy, it took a while to recover! We definitely had no worries, we had fun and just kept doing better at playing!

Simon: We were undeniably thrilled that we won the telecast and placed our second ad Eurovision – Australia decides Participation made us live a wonderful experience. There was no fear, because how can someone not rejoice at this result ?!

What are the moments when you feel the need to tell yourself, “Promise me it’s going to be okay”?

ash: every day! This life is a constant riding journey, each day brings with it a new challenge to be faced. But we are five best friends who make great music together. Whatever the cost, we will try to make sure everything works out because we are each other’s strength. (smiles)

Simon: This year is definitely a spell for the five of us with everything to do with our crazy participation in this crazy event! I am grateful to have my best friend by my side on this journey that is life!

Did Maneskin’s victory at Eurovision 2021 give you more incentive to represent Australia at Eurovision?

ash: Like many Australians, we too have been following the competition for twenty years and what impressed us even more was our victory muniskins (And before those gods Lordi) is that there is still room and desire for healthy rock music in international competition, in addition to pop music. Sometimes, you just want to top off the thumping and loud music while the guitar and bass squeak on stage (smiley).

SimonWhat is certain is that their victory has fully confirmed to us that rock and metal are musical genres that have their raison d’être within.Eurovision Song Contest.

Are there any artists or bands you would like to duet with? Also among the artists participating in Eurovision 2023.

ash: I am a big fan of warship And I think a crazy collaboration between them Voyagerthis is us! This year, I like them all a little bit, if anyone wants a drummer to make some noise on stage, they can definitely count on me! straight box with Luke Black (Representative of Serbia) V.I “Samo scared me” It would be great.

Simon: I don’t know where to start! I’m a big fan of He thinks, so collaborating with them would be a dream come true. Among the participants this year Käärija But also Luke Black in which metal sounds are mixed with dark electro/industrial sounds. But my favorites remain Tia And Salentotheir song is a real catchphrase and it would be nice to think of something extravagant with heavier beats.

What would you tell the Fifth Element travelers today?

ash: Hey, can I play the drums in your band for the next years?

Simonkisa: I look forward to being your guitarist in two years

(In fact, the original members of Voyager Only the singer remains. Daniel Estrin).

You’ll shut down the second semi-final and set everything on fire, what are your plans for Liverpool?

We thought of something big and something special. Expect all the energy and grit in Voyager performance, we want to bring you everything that represents us at full strength. See you on May 11th!

Do you have a message for us Italians?

Thanks a lot for your support!

For the interview, The Voyagers decided to leave a video message for all of its readers Eurovision Song ContestWith nice greetings in our language.

The Voyagers at Eurovision 2023

inEurovision 2023 Australia returned to selecting its representative internally five years after the last time. The choice fell on Voyager and on the song “The Promise”, and will act in the second semi-final where Italy will not be able to vote.

Australia made it back to the final last year thanks to Sheldon Riley and the song “Not the Same”, which then placed at number fifteen 125 points, only ones 2 Coming from Azerbaijani TV.

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