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“In the fourth wave we are there.” This was revealed by the French Prime Minister Jan Castex. “There is this alternative – he declares – that it is widespread and much more contagious. 21,000 new infections were recorded in France, even if” 96% of those infected had not been vaccinated – explained the Prime Minister – “and in just one week infections increased by 140%, and in Great Britain On Wednesday, July 21st, 44,104 new cases and 73 deaths were recorded, and infections increased last week It equates to 35.8%, 59.8 deaths.

In Italy, the summer 2020 curve was flat until September, and now from mid-July, the uptick is evident. Wednesday, July 21, 4,259 new infections (data similar to those two months ago) and 21 deaths. Positivity rate on total swabs performed at 1.9%: “What happened in the UK – said Andrea Crisanti, Director of the Department of Molecular Medicine at the University of Padua – in my opinion it is a prediction of what will happen in Italy, considering also the fact that the protection rate of the Italian population is lower than that of the English, it does not take technical divination to understand what will happen in Italy. It is written in the graph of England, That’s within 40 days, from 1,000 cases to 50,000.”

The vaccination campaign should not only slow the consequences of this potential fourth wave, but Crisanti calls for caution: “It is only partly true – he warns – that there are no repercussions for hospitalization and deaths. The UK has gone from 2-3 to 50 cases Deaths per day and from 500 hospitalizations to 2500. So beware of the false narrative. With this number of cases – and he concludes – without the vaccine, there would be at least 700-800 deaths a day”, reveal.

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