We always talk about it a lot but in the end what are the best vegetable oils for our health?

There was much talk about it before the outbreak: Are vegetable oils good for everyone’s health? We always talk about it a lot but in the end what are the best vegetable oils for our health? We try to clarify once and for all, or at least we try. By joining the editorial staff’s experts in cooking, health and wellness.

Meanwhile, what are the vegetable oils

To understand if they are all on the same level, we must first understand what vegetable oils are. The same word says: It is the result of extracting the pulp, seeds and heart from plant organisms. We find it on our table after two manufacturing processes:

Daily examples of these oils include: palm oil, sunflower, corn and peanuts. Obviously not to mention the king of oils: extra virgin olive oil.

Rich in unsaturated fats

There is a lot of talk about it but in the end what are the best vegetable oils for our health, on our tables? To answer the question, let’s see another feature of them. Remember that vegetable oils are ultimately unsaturated fats at room temperature. Basically: in the manufacturing process, we don’t lose out on antioxidants and polyphenols. The most important nutrients. At this point, it will be really important to switch our selection to organically grown vegetable oils. No pesticides, more health on our table.

Ranking of features and characteristics

In our process of explanation and simplification, here is every vegetable oil combined with at least one virtuous act:

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A) Extra virgin olive oil is good for heart and cholesterol.

B) Corn oil is good for the heart.

C) Sunflower oil is very rich in Vitamin E, thus it is an ally for fighting free radicals;

D) Sesame oil helps to balance cholesterol level.

E) Flaxseed oil rich in Omega 3 and 6, uncooked and excellent for lowering cholesterol;

F) Sunflower oil, when used for frying, loses most of its nutrients, including vitamin E;

G) Peanut oil, with a mild flavor, is ideal for cakes and desserts.

Let’s anticipate the final question: Which is better for frying? According to experts, peanuts and extra virgin olive oil. They are both with Smoke point Hence higher and less dangerous to health.


They call it the antacid diet and it’s the best for protecting our stomachs

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