We also take care of our health at home. What are the plants that clean the environment?

Smog is one of the factors that seriously threaten our health.

It is really reaching alarming proportions in some cities in Italy. Such as, in particular, Turin, Milan, Rovigo, Frosinone, Venice, Alessandria, Padua, Pavia, Cremona and Treviso.


These are the cities that Legambiente considers among the most polluted. Of course, smog is an invisible enemy. As it features fine dust which can harm your quality of life and health.

Moreover, even in less polluted places, harmful substances are present from the use of chemicals, heating systems, cigarette smoke, etc.

Therefore, it is advisable to at least vary the volume of our exposure at homeContamination And it keeps us safe. For this purpose, there is a chain of plants that are able to absorb pollutants. Capable of making the air cleaner.

Therefore, we take care of our health even at home. But what are the plants that clean the environment?

Plants that clean the environment at home

Well, in the late 1980s, he was a scientist NASABill Wolverton, a study that shows how many plants are able to neutralize polluting organic matter in our local environments.

The study found that there are a number of plants that are able to purify closed environments. Here, below, what are these plants.

Anthurium, Butts, and Gerbera

Lantorio. This is a plant that needs regular exposure to light and water. Cleans the air from the ammonia found in many household cleaners that can be toxic to the lungs.

Buddies there. It’s a plant that absorbs carbon monoxide from wood stoves or fireplaces. It is a climbing plant that can also be placed in very shaded areas and should be watered as necessary.

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Gerbera. This, on the other hand, is a plant with colorful flowers, which is widely used to decorate balconies. It has the advantage of removing gasoline from the air.

Sansevieria, dracaena, ivy and telenza

Sansevieria. Known as “mother’s tongue,” it is one of the most widely used and effective indoor plants for air purification. It doesn’t necessarily require a lot of light to survive. Plus, it has the property to filter out formaldehyde and remove flame retardants found in new homes or newly manufactured furniture.

the Dragon. This is a plant that does not require much light to care for. It absorbs substances such as trichlorethylene and xylene, which are found in lacquers, oils and paints.

Ivy. It is a plant that purifies nitrogen dioxide from appliances that heat wood, gas and kerosene. Moreover, it also removes the dispersion caused by gas stoves and fine dust. After that, it is easy to hold, as it does not require special care.

Plowing. It is a useful plant for those who are constantly connected to TV screens or computers. In fact, it works against electrostatic charges.

Ultimately, we also take care of our health at home. We’ve referred to plants that clean the environment. We just have to hurry to purchase and choose it according to our needs.

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