We all do it the wrong way

Breathing is essential to life, but unless you’re dealing with a respiratory problem, you probably don’t think about how you breathe.

Face disfigured by breathing –

Does he breathe through the mouth or through the nose? What is best for health and then breathing through the mouth can change the shape of the face?

How should you breathe

When we notice that we breathe through our mouths, we should Correct our breathing. Several studies have shown that our bodies are set up to breathe through the nose, but due to a buildup of mucus or diseases, we end up breathing through the mouth.

This affects the development of the face and our general health.

Humans are not meant to breathe regularly through the mouth, unless another pre-existing condition complicates the problem, such as Sinus congestion.

The correct way to Breathing through the nose. These breaths are shallow, which means that air is drawn deep into the lungs, allowing for this more timetoOxygen absorption.

this is increased oxygen It allows the nervous system to exist in a parasympathetic state, which helps in performing many voluntary and involuntary bodily functions.

The man sleeps in bed with his mouth open
A man sleeping in bed breathing with his mouth open –

Consequences of mouth breathing

When you notice that your baby is breathing regularly through his mouth, it means that he is literally breathing sucking in the air.

This makes oxygen uptake less efficient and can affect the immune system. Not only in attitude, on the ability to maintain focus in school, On general health and mood.

In addition to mouth breathing can also Change the structure of the face Or hinder the general growth of the face and jaw.

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How does mouth breathing change the shape of the face?

When breathing through the mouth, the muscles of the cheeks should work harder and become tight. When these muscles are stretched, they exercise external force On the upper and lower jaw.

The more frequently one breathes through the mouth, the greater the effect of these forces, which is eventually possible narrow face shape As well as dental braces.

A narrower face and dental arches could mean it’s there Less space in the mouth to accommodate the tonguewhich descends to the floor of the mouth, rather than resting on the top of the mouth.

This also increases the likelihood that the tongue will return to the airways when lying down, which can lead to sleep apnea such asSleep Apnea.

Baby sleeping with mouth open
Baby sleeping with mouth open –

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