Waterpolo, Hungary Setterosa folds 10-9 and sees first place

Budapest (Hungary)Fantastic victory for SetterosaWhich after a good match with Canada, Hungary hosts folds 10-9snatched North Americans at the top, who were still ahead on goal difference after blasting 22-2 to Colombia’s “Cinderella”, a true first-group butterfly team that had taken up to 35 on their debut against the Hungarian. Coach Celebo girls now “see” first place in the group: Friday, the last round will see Italy’s opposition to South America and direct conflict between Hungary and Canada: it will take the goleada to become independent from the other outcome. register It will allow Setterosa to skip the first round of qualifying and already make sure of the quarter-finals.

Match Report

Italy – Hungary 10-9

Italy: Teani L., Tabani C. 1, Marletta C. 2, Avegno S. 2, Queirolo E. 1, Giustini S. 1, Picozzi D. 1, Bianconi R., Emmolo G., Palmieri V., Galardi G. .1, Viacava G. 1, Banchelli C.. Silipo flocks.
Hungary: Gangl E., Szilagyi D. 2, Valyi V. 1, Gurisatti G. 1, Mate Z., Parkes R. 3, Mahieu G., Keszthelyi R. 1, Leimeter D., Rybanska N., Farago K. , Garda K. 1, Magyari A.. Peruvian herds.
Referees: Marghita (Slow), Carney (Australia).
Notes – Partial: 3-4 2-2 3-1 2-2 Numerical superiority: Italy 7/11 + penalty kick scored by Marlita in the third game, Hungary 7/16. A foul is taken out by Mattie, Maheu (U) and Marlita (first) in the fourth game. In Italy in the net with No. 13 Pancelli, in Hungary with No. 13 Magari.

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