Watermelon diet: what is it and how to follow it

The watermelon diet allows you to lose weight in a delicious way with a good seasonal product that everyone really likes.

Few have heard of it, but the diet that is based on watermelon consumption It allows you to lose weight Thanks to an easy-to-find ingredient that’s really tasty in the summer heat.

Watermelon diet Don’t plan to just eat watermelon Or to replace it with a regular meal, this kind of approach is actually completely wrong. Fruit is incorporated into a healthy, balanced diet that includes meat, fish, chicken, pasta, vegetables, fruits, and snacks.

can do to get rid of them a few extra kilos Pre-test swimwear also because the product is in season so it can be found practically everywhere.

Watermelon diet: how to do it

The watermelon diet is not a weight loss diet Because it is based on the varied composition of the Mediterranean diet. However, this type of diet places too much emphasis on seasonality, as it should, preferring excessive consumption of watermelon which, in addition to being really tasty, is also in season and rich in water. This means that it is satisfying but not heavy and can be easily scooped out because it is not greasy. For watermelon, you can choose both watermelon and yellow to your liking.

Watermelon diet list
How to follow a watermelon diet to lose weight (

An example of a diet Includes fresh fruit juice in the morning With watermelon, apricot, yellow peach and a little ice, with 20 grams of whole wheat rusks or biscuits and a teaspoon of honey for dessert. As a snack, low-fat fruit yogurt or Greek yogurt seasoned with cereal and fresh fruit. For lunch toast with 40 grams of whole grain bread or cereal, 20 grams of raw ham and 20 grams of low-fat cheese. Fresh watermelon ice cream without sugar. For an afternoon snack, a glass of partially skimmed or vegetable milk, for dinner instead of 50 grams of pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes, 100 grams of meat and mixed salad, sugar-free fruit drink.

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every day It is useful to study alternatives Both for the fruit accompanying the watermelon and for lunch and dinner. You can vary, for example, by making ham and melon. Or fruit salad as a product at the end of a meal. In fact, you can think of enjoying a nice plate of gnocchi with sauce or pasta with vegetables. Briefly, cA wide area both in terms of products and in terms of quantity which is not restricted at all. The important thing is to introduce watermelon into at least three meals a day along with fresh fruit, yoghurts, smoothies, ice cream, smoothies, always changing so you don’t get bored.

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