Water sports, which ones to do and why

When it comes to water sports What immediately comes to mind is swimming, but in the water, whether it is a lake, sea or river, today it is possible to practice many sports, some of which can also become competitive, while others are certainly more suitable for sports with a group of friends. It must be emphasized that For some water sports, it is not necessary to have a trained body It also leads one to think: In fact, it can also be practiced by many beginners who know the bare minimum to stay afloat. Let’s get to know these sports more closely to understand which one is closest to your idea of ​​fun.

Water sports: a list of the most practical and popular sports

Who hears about it first? water sports You will immediately go with the mind to all those activities that can be done inside the pool, such as swimming or water polo, but the term aquatic is not limited to only this. In fact, all the kayaking sports are also included in the category: canoeing, kayaking, canoeing and even more water sports like sailing and windsurfing. Let’s see what water sports Which makes your summer vacation more fun.

stand up paddle

It is among Water sports with boardStand paddle. What is it about? It literally means paddling while standing, which is not far from what should be done in practice. It’s just a matter of using a board that’s a bit larger than the surfboard you have to stand on and move around while paddling. It is a particularly widespread activity abroad, particularly in the United States and Northern European countries, but slowly the person who practices it is also seeing on our coasts the same. It is definitely one of the water sports More fun because it allows you to exercise without excessive effort: when the sea is calm, only the arms work while the legs are used to maintain balance on the board, while if the sea is rougher, it is good to be prepared, even just to take the board and go back to the shore .

Sailing and kayaking

As mentioned, among water sports Canoeing and kayaking are also included. Here we move inside one boat or in kayak Paddle boarding. The arms need to be ordered mainly so it’s a good idea not to be too quick in training, but the effort is not as excessive as one might think, so walking on water becomes immediately suggestive, and can be done perhaps in pairs or with friends. It is also worth experiencing on the streams and rivers as well as the sea and lake.


The rowing Anyone can do it in complete safety: there are many associations that organize raft trips for families as wellAnd the And for both beginners and experts. The physical hazards here are strictly dependent on the capsizing of the boat which is why it is always a good idea to start the activity with the guidance of the instructors and hire the appropriate equipment or wetsuit, helmet and life jacket which should always be worn to the end of the boat. activity. Not everyone knows that rafting is now a recognized sport CONISo much so, that world championships are also organized.

water skiing

Water skiing has been practiced for a long time even by simple enthusiasts water sports For which a little preparation may be necessary, only that those who are water skiing have to be towed by a motorboat by a rope and therefore must be prepared to balance on the water, but it is well worth it. You glide on the surface of the sea thanks to special skis, no need for favorable winds and waves because here you only use the speed of the boat you pulled from, to increase your speed. This means that with waves or winds over the top it will not work. It is practiced in the lake and when the sea calms down.

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Water sports: Which sports should you do alone and with the family

there water sports Suitable for everyone, both those who are more trained and who like challenges Extreme water sportslet it be Suitable for familiesAnd the who tend to devote themselves to these activities more in the summer when youngsters are less busy with school. Today there are many courses and associations that organize canoe or kayak trips, or even underwater activities for families only and it is definitely the most recommended because you are accompanied by expert instructors, very meticulous and attentive so that everyone can enjoy the fun without risk. Let’s find out what the others are water sports To be able to practice alone or in company.


consider yourself marine water sports them too Diving Such as Diving. When you decide to do an activity completely underwater, minimal preparation is required to be able to do it in complete safety, even if the danger is that the more activity you do, the more you want to go to the depths of the sea. . In general, proper equipment must be worn for snorkeling, which can also be rented at beaches where snorkeling is permitted. Diving is definitely a fun sport for those who love the sea which is also understood as sea flora and fauna.


The main feature of the program divingAs the word itself suggests, you need to be equipped with a good mask with a good snorkel and fins to be able to dive into the water. In fact, there is no need for an oxygen tank or specific physical preparation, but to safely snorkel, you must have a wetsuit, a pontoon and a buoy so that you can stay for hours underwater to enjoy the bottom of the sea.

Surf and surf

So used to seeing them rehearse in American soap operas and movies, today it’s not at all impossible to do those two things water sports Even on our shores it is enough to have waves. The Windsurfing It is practiced on a wooden board equipped with a windsurfing sail. Here too, you need to have a strong balance and strength in your arms to be able to direct the sail the right way according to the change of wind. On the other hand, surfers want a board without a sail, but you always need balance, strong arms and the necessary equipment, which can also be rented on site. Both are sports suitable for adults and children.


Not everyone knows that Parasailing or paragliding over the sea. It is a kite activity where you are equipped with a file Parachute with speedboat and its diameter, so that you can enjoy the touch of the endless sea and sky together. You have to wear the appropriate belt and then let the wind drift away while you are comfortably seated. Parasailing is suitable for everyone, even families, and can be practiced both in company and alone: ​​the harness allows two people to fly over the water. There is no need for certain physical skills, but only the desire to have fun and experience an unforgettable emotion.

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