Water polo, World Cup 2023: Another bad defeat for Italy, USA win 10-6

Qualifying for the Super Finals is already in the safe, but the second round of Water Polo World Cup for the Italian national team For the woman it did not start out in the best way. After yesterday’s victory over the Netherlands, Athens arrives another nasty defeat: The US Olympic champ beats 10-6.

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The first half of the match was very encouraging for the squad led by Carlo Celippo: the Azzurri held out against the Americans, as happened in the Rotterdam match a few weeks ago, which ended in a tie in the long half (4-4). ).

Then the amazing Rani took the chair (her five goals) and the Americans leveled up, scoring 6-2 in the third quarter. From there the match was over, with no chance of returning. The Azzurri will face Hungary tomorrow In the third and final challenge of the event.

USA and Italy 10-6

USA: Johnson, Musselman 1, Prentice 1, Fattal, Bonaguidi, Stevens 2, Osmus, Striker, Mamulito 1, Gazzaniga, Cohen, Rani 5, Longan. Krikorian flock

Italy: Condorelli, Tabani, Galardi, Avegno 1, Cergol, Bettini 1, Picozzi, Gant, Palmieri, Marletta 3, Cocchiere, Viacava 1, Banchelli. everyone

Referees: Zhang (China), Hai (Australia)


Partial: 2-1 1-2 6-2 1-1 Exit for fouls limit Viacava (I) at 7’00 of the fourth period. Numerical superiority: Use 6/12 + penalty and Italy 2/12 + 3 penalties. Pancelli (first) saved a penalty from Musselman 7’25 in the second half. Johnson (U) to Picozzi at 2’00 for the third time. In the goal are Johnson (U) and Pancelli (I). In the amphitheater Citino and De March.

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Photo: La Presse

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