Water polo, Frica Rossa Cup: Citibello beats USA 17-10. Now Italy Spain. Video

Setipello imposed himself easily on the United States, as was expected in the second match of the Frica Rossa Cup, where Italy defeated the Americans 17-10 with four goals from Captain Figlioli, on the evening of the touching memory and the crying of Luca Mambrin (the Azurite in. Water with the letter L on it) Left arm), a blue physiotherapist died after a short illness on January 21, celebrating 400 seats for coach Campana. Saturday At 20.30 it closes against Spain, which on Thursday beat the USA 15-9, live on Sky Sport Arena.

In memory of Luca

An intense evening in the Federal Center of Ostia, where the first match took place without Luca Mamprin, the muscle physiotherapist but also the heart and soul of the Azores. He grew up with them, triumphed, cried, and rejoiced. President Paulo Barrelli, on behalf of the entire movement, reminds him of a plaque that Vice President Giuseppe Marotta gave to his dear loved ones.

Campagna 400 is made from Ct

Monument and totem for this team over the past 20 years: 400 matches as Commissioner with one Olympic silver and one bronze, two world titles, and two continental silver and bronze. Sandro Campana signs another page in the history of Citibello. A story he’s been playing for 40 years. President Paulo Barrelli, from the hand of Vice President Marotta, presented him with a token of thanks.

USA and Italy 10-17

United States of America: Holland, Hopper 2 (single platform), Vavec, Obert1, Hallock 1, Cupido 2, Daub 1, Woodhead, Bowen 2 (single platform), Williams, Langwick, Irving 1 (drilling rig), Stephenson. All. Udovic.

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Italy: Del Longo, FD Fullview 2, Longo 3, Figlioli 4, Ed Soma 1, Veluto, N. Prescotti 1, Ichinik 2, Figari, Bodegas 3, Napolitano, Dolce 1, Spinelli. everything

Referees: Pauletti and Petronelli.
Notes: Partial 3-3, 2-5, 2-5, 3-4.

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