Watch the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y go head-to-head

While Tesla is often known as one of the automakers at the forefront of producing electric sedans, plenty of competitors have sprung up to mount a challenge.Eng. Today, we’ll see how a Ford Mustang can Prices for the Mach-E when compared to the Tesla Model Y.

This 25-minute video comes from Fast lane car On YouTube. In it, father and son duo Roman and Tommy picks the pros and cons of both cars to come up with a winner.

One of the initial stops the two men will have to bypass is to name the unfortunate Ford. The Mach-E is not Mustang, Not how we came to culturally speaking a Mustang. I’m referring to it because one of my pets bothering me is too much preoccupation with the name of the car and not the actual performance, but in this case, I kind of get it. Ford has cemented the name, and now the Mach-E will be forever compared to the ICE Mustang, which is not helping the car.

Anyway, on the video:

I’ll let you watch how they came to the conclusion, but both cars are pretty good – it just depends on how you want to use it. For example, the Tesla Model Y is considered the best electric car, while the Mach-E is said to be the best all-round car.

The main impression I have is that Ford has some catching up to do, which doesn’t really surprise me. While the brand has long-term experience in the automotive world, its focus has not been solely on electric cars, which define Tesla’s goal entirely.

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But if you are wondering how these two devices compare, look no further. You’ll get a detailed analysis of everything from storage to technology to efficiency to help you decide which one to prefer.

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