Watch out for the new technology to steal

Hackers have developed a strategy to steal passwords quickly and above all easily. What to do to “defend yourself”

The new alarm has already been around the net, but it’s essential to know and detect this technology to avoid falling into the roundabout trap.

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The cyber criminals It is constantly updated. Desire to get your hands Personal Data and therefore on money of individuals leads them to improve their techniques. Unfortunately, they are sometimes very dangerous.

campaigns phishing And the Malware Are some of the weapons used to reach the target. Of course, users should always pay close attention to what they stick to. so simple click A mistake could have serious consequences.

How hackers steal your password in minutes

Sometimes even the best Antivirus or VPN They are useful for ensuring maximum security. In fact, according to an analysis by researchersUniversity of Glasgow Who developed a renamed project ThermoSureThe hacker exploit a specific mechanism.

They benefit from a machine learning algorithm to reach sensitive data Exploit thermal cameras. By doing so they can discover The password write both sui smart phone Of the computer. In practice, they exploit and analyze the elements of tthermal scoops that your fingers leave on keyboards and screens while typing.

The danger that this way can also extend to the moment you write pin in ATM. In fact Thermal images show the lighter areas, which are actually the ones that have been touched most recently. That is, those in which there is heat transmitted through the fingers.

So minds that haven’t really been sharpened can have the potential to form gods password theft Monitor thermal images. During testing, the password crack rate was 86% in just 20 seconds.

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A high threshold certainly makes us realize how consistent the danger they could be by doing so Emptying entire bank accounts. To avoid this it is a good idea to keep your devices out of the reach of strangers and rely on circuit safety cameras for information ATM machines.

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