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Construction bonuses are still in the eye of the storm with respect to anti-money laundering reports: which is why so much is reflected in their possible extension or not. In these reports, the ineffectiveness of local authorities is highlighted: let’s see together why and how we can improve.


Local authorities have proven to be the worst at reporting any of them Illicit behavior regarding construction bonuses and more. Crimes are usually associated with Recycling of the dirty money that companies and individuals earn every day. The problem is the incompetence of the people who are theoretically responsible for managing the issue.

How can the trend be improved? Let’s find out together in the next article.

Anti-money laundering: bankruptcy of local authorities

CISA is super rewarding

The numbers on Money laundering reports Of particular concern is the complete failure of the reporting system for local authorities. These are, in theory, the competent bodies on this subject, which should be vigilant above all about the correct occurrence of the initial stages and not rewards, calls, etc.

This is a particular concern as in banner It is specifically envisaged that it is necessary to achieve the objectives related to Competencies of local authorities. These Italians seem to have the same problem: a problem corruption. The problem in Italy is very serious, and it is one of the main problems with which the mafia intends to move.

Anti-money laundering: What are the risks for Italy?


possible System defects due to corruption Within the anti-money laundering bodies, they can be a huge problem for the country. There is so much money coming from the European Union, that the mafia has already started rubbing its hands to figure out how to get it.

Uif, unit financial informationA branch of the Bank of Italy announced that it had already found attempts to infiltrate the mafia in contracts that would be financed with European money. In a period like this, wasting money that is gold for our country is absolutely reckless and dangerous.

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