Waste in an eco-oasis: two reported

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June 30, 2021 9:38 am

The investigation by the local police (Environment Police and Environment Guards) into illegal waste management activity has ended. It all started with the daily control of the area with the goal of preventing/suppressing environmental crime: the agents noticed that in an eco-oasis on the coastal road, someone had filled the numerous loot with different materials, some indiscriminately, others classified as private and inalienable waste of normal playgrounds.


From the first survey, no elements useful for identifying the perpetrators appeared: however, the amount of waste was so great that the investigators carried out constant work and the possibility of a recurrence of the crime; The programming of the target controls – even with the help of electronic gadgets – paid off within a week. A well-known former disco in the area was dismantled and all its contents were thrown without much trouble into the nearest bins. The authors were identified, and the Prosecutor’s Office for Unauthorized Waste Management was notified.

Among the abandoned items are smoke machines, lighting systems, fire extinguishers and water heaters. The perpetrators, being well aware of what they were doing, were careful to throw things away when there were a few people around, always checking that the means of trash were not arriving. The repeated crime of large amounts of waste, among other things, caused great inconvenience to the inhabitants, forcing them to go to other, distant ecological playgrounds; Even more serious are the expenses incurred by society for the complex removal of materials.

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