Was the PlayStation Store Sega sequel revealed previously? –

Lost judgment It seems that Sequel to Judgment, Sega action game by the team behind Yakuza: The title appears to be Back Early expected for the official show scheduled for tomorrow, accidentally leaked in Japanese PlayStation Store.

All that appears, for now, is a screenshot shown in the tweet Come on Reciterra, Which was immediately however Deleted, Taken by a user who found himself with the game’s image that was surprisingly featured among PlayStation Store news. Sega’s clearly the title is Leaked out Somehow early online, a few hours after the scheduled presentation. The screenshot was captured and posted again from other sources, as you can see in this Wario64 tweet.

In fact, the countdown on the SEGA website started long ago, and aims for tomorrow, May 7, 2021 at 4:00 pm Italian. In recent days, we have also seen various evidence that appears to point to the alleged Verdict 2, such as a short teaser trailer awaiting the official revelation and also short gameplay videos in preparation for the announcement.

Judgment has just arrived on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and Stadia and a sequel may be on the way

As it often happens with countdownThe surprise may have spoiled a few hours after the countdown ends, in this case not from a print magazine but directly from the PlayStation Store.

In any case, the auditions have been canceled and all that remains is to wait for the official show scheduled for tomorrow: What we know, for now, is that the title should be the lost referee, at least in Japan, and thus it should be the sequel to the referee game. Work investigation Built on the engine and overall architecture of the Yakuza Series by the same team, it has also recently landed on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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