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We are at the beginning February 2022 e Xbox Game Pass Its catalog is about to update, so we can expect the official presentation of new titles arriving in first wave From this month at any moment, but in the meantime there is a file a leak who seems to be expecting them.

The prediction in question was posted by VGC but comes from the regular DeaLabs forum, a source that has so far proven to be very accurate regarding advances in games distributed through subscriptions or other initiatives, particularly in relation to PlayStation Plus.

Xbox Game Pass, potential first wave for February 2022
Xbox Game Pass, potential first wave for February 2022

This makes the whole thing totally believable, especially considering that some of these games have already been announced in the four titles confirmed in February 2022 on Xbox Game Pass.

Accordingly, these are the games that arrive in the first wave of February, according to the reported leak:

  • Advanced Arc Survival
  • Dreamscape
  • Hell
  • Skull: The killer hero
  • edge of eternity
  • Besiege (game preview)
  • The Last Children on Earth and the Staff of Doom
  • interview
  • telling lies

Those already confirmed are Edge of Eternity and Besiege, while mention of Ark Survival Evolved is somewhat vague, considering the game is already in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. This refers to a different version and in fact it could be Ultimate Survivor Editionor an upgrade that includes various prehistoric survival DLC packs.

Among these games, however, it would also be missing Crossfire X, which we can partially include within the Xbox Game Pass titles given that this part of the campaign will be freely playable by subscribers of the Microsoft service, while to get the full version it will be necessary to purchase it (with multiplayer which is instead free – to play). Anyway, we’re waiting for confirmation from Microsoft that it can offer Xbox Game Pass games for the first batch of February as early as this afternoon.

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