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He confessed May be under development Unreal Engine 5also based on a new guide that appeared again from Developer CV Committed to the new Obsidian game, Epic Games’ new graphics engine is clearly mentioned.

We don’t know for sure what technology was used to develop Avowed, but the idea that it’s Unreal Engine 5 only surfaced recently, after the lead VFX artist confirmed the use of the graphics engine within their current projects.

In this new case, it isArea Designer Trainee Committed to developing Avowed: In his online approach, we can see that he deals with “executing open-world encounters” and in this community, including loot and more, designing levels, narrative and combat elements “in Unreal Engine 5” and using proprietary tools to implement narrative dialogues and items that can be checked.

Once again, Unreal Engine 5 is specifically mentioned, which indicates that Avowed was developed on that basis. The problem was also not clear, because the game was announced in a pre-mover of widespread use of the graphics engine, so it is possible that development began on an earlier engine and then moved to Unreal Engine 5.

This may also explain the long wait times that characterize the game, which was announced in 2020 with a first trailer, Avowed is practically not seen anymore and does not have an exact release date, which could also arise from technology change Implemented in the course of development.

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