Warzone, Activision promises war on cheaters, and fans don’t believe it –

Activision announces through its official blog that it has started an all-out war on Cheating From Call of Duty: War Zone. In fact, the American publisher maintains that it is already doing a lot more, but in the near future it will tighten the links even more to ensure that everyone who cheats is stopped. A commendable commitment that doesn’t convince me fanWho decided on social media to take the initiative lightly.

Cheaters are not welcome with this title Opens new blog post on Call of Duty: Warzone. Activision It affirms its commitment to making the game “fun and fair”. A present obligation, but also a future commitment. In fact, the publisher says that the game should be monitored 24/7 for security reasons, in order to find all potential fraud and hacking.

It will also improve the reporting system for cheaters in the near future. This system has already resulted in over 50,000 permanent bans. Also, more updates will be coming in the near future.

It is, apparently, the message all fans want to hear. very bad Reddit The irony is unleashed, with comments full of smiley faces mocking Activision’s 24/7 monitoring activity or the fact that 50,000 permabans have converted to 50,000 new accounts in seconds. Without looking at those who were blocked for no reason.

Somewhat unkind reaction to Activision: It is true that his battle royale has problems, for example, the Infinite Stimulus bug is back in Call of Duty Warzone, but when there are a lot of players putting iron and shooting, it’s hard to think that it There are no problems.

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