Want to disconnect from the network and stop paying your bills? Take advantage of the new reward of photovoltaic storage systems

Photovoltaic panels and storage systems are some of the best investments considering the expensive bills and concessions offered by the government. The last one is a tax deduction from Inland Revenue for expenses incurred in the current year for the installation of storage systems

Clean the washing machine with the environment

The Solar Panels It not only represents a conscious choice for the present and future of our planet, but it represents an investment for our homes, being a way out of the energy crisis.

Its efficacy is constantly improving and with it Storage systems to store energy can even disconnect you from the power grid. More than ever, with bills rising, investing in photovoltaics is more convenient than ever.

Thanks to ordinances that facilitated the procedures for their installation and government bonuses, photovoltaic cells have become a really suitable option for all families who have roofs to place panels on and wish to invest in renewable energy sources.

There is also very recently A new bonus from the Revenue Agency To be used in the costs of installing energy storage systems connected to plants operating on renewable sources such as, for example, photovoltaic panels.

Who can benefit from the bonus

All those who have incurred or will incur documented expenses related to the installation of integrated storage systems in electricity production plants operating from renewable sources from January 1 to December 31, 2022, can benefit from the discount. . So
Instant exchange (del n. 91/2014).

The Revenue Agency will soon reveal what percentage of the tax credit each subject is entitled to based on the number of applications and funds allocated for 2022.

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How and when to request it

The request to take advantage of the bonus can be sent next year, within the time frame included From 1 March to 30 March 2023 by both the taxpayer and the intermediary. This must be submitted exclusively electronically, by accessing the reserved area of ​​the Revenue Agency website.

A receipt is issued within 5 days of dispatch certifying that the application has been accepted (or rejected, with relative reasons). The bonus can be used on the tax return related to the 2022 tax period, as a reduction in the taxes due and any unused amount can be used in subsequent years.

If we consider that one of the old limitations of photovoltaic cells was not always available for energy, now with storage systems large enough, it is possible to store enough of them so that you can completely disconnect them from the power grid. With the Revenue Agency Bonus, accessing these batteries is easier and more useful.

source: revenue agency

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