Wally is the most dangerous sniper in the world

In the conflict between Russia and Ukraine enters the scene “Wali”, the most famous sniper in the world in addition to the most dangerous sniper. The man, who has fought twice in Afghanistan and is a computer scientist, has arrived in Kyiv with the Canadian unit to fight against Putin’s men. Wali accepted the president’s appeal ZelenskyWho invited foreign soldiers to join the fight against the Russians.

Governor’s power

The average productivity of a sniper is 7 men killed per day: If you’re particularly good, you can get ten. Wally, on the other hand, And the Capable of killing up to 40 people in 24 hours. That was enough to make him a legend among the armed forces of the world. The 40-year-old has repeatedly appeared on international TV shows and his face is well known even though his real name is still shrouded in mystery.

“I want to help the Ukrainians”

Wally said in an interview with CBC News: I want to help the Ukrainians. I have to help them because there are people here who are being bombed just because they want to be European and not Russian. A week ago I’m still planning things. Now I’m dealing with anti-tank missiles in a warehouse to kill real people…that’s our reality now. My wife objected to the idea, And that was the hardest part of the decision.”

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