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The message that arrived yesterday from Europe should make the sovereigns of our homeland reflect: the countries they consider allies and supporters, especially Hungary and Orbán’s Poland that refuse to submit to the laws of the Union from which they collect billions of boats, have a completely different dream. What Matteo Salvini and Georgia Meloni could have: the dream of the wall. Not that in Berlin, which is now gone, but the many walls up and down the valleys and mountains by which the flows of migrants ascending into the Balkans can be contained, with Turkey opening and shutting the flow spigots according to what it collects. from Germany. These countries even had the courage to ask Europe to fund their walls. Of course, the European Commission did not take note of their request. But it is clear that Italy has a completely different problem, only because of its geographical location: it is not possible to build walls on water.

Siadiona is well aware that when faced with the problem of where to resettle immigrants who have arrived in Italy, and that they cannot be repatriated because they do not have documents or because there are no bilateral treaties for this process, the countries that inspire them so much that they refuse to accept their quota, which creates an additional problem for us. If the Sovereigns are the Sovereigns, that is, they acted in the interest of their country (as Salvini said yesterday on the eve of the Palermo trial which sees him accused of holding – after saving them – migrants on board the Open Arms) they should be angry with the Eastern European countries which, from In doing its own thing, it does great damage to our country, and is forced to keep a greater number of immigrants coming to Earth.

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These are the most serious problems of the nationalists: by expressing an egotistical and illegitimate attitude such as distributing in all the countries of the Union and repatriation, they ignore the problems of others and actually exacerbate them to the point of causing international crises in the past that have led to wars and bullying. And someone might say, are you related to the “Club dei More”, which is meaningless in Italy? It is clearly absurd. But it is precisely this that may be an occasion for the supporters of our sovereignty to break a dangerous and crazy alliance. Explicit alignment with Europe and earn valuable points.

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