Walking around in the house like this has significant positive health effects

There are a large number of ways to regain well-being. Someone turns into MeditationOthers play sports, while others try to distract themselves with the fun. What we’re going to see today is perhaps the simplest method ever, one in which you don’t even have to leave your home.

We will see a very simple exercise, which can be done at all ages and which allows us to drastically reduce our stress levels. We will find that walking around the house this way has enormous positive health effects.

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From meditation to action

The exercise we suggest is based on the named meditative practice Mindfulness. It pays to always be aware of the space around us, thus avoiding distractions or worries that can cloud our minds. People who resort to this practice experience a drastic reduction in their stress levels.

There is a very simple exercise that uses the principles of mindfulness and allows us to improve our well-being in a short time, let’s see what it is.

Walking consciously

All that needs to be done is to walk very slowly and carefully. Let’s take some space at home, so we can take at least five steps in a straight line. Then let’s start with the first step. Let’s do it very slowly, and feel all the sensations in our bodies, the muscles that work to make this movement. We feel the weight of the object touching the ground at the end of the step. Then do another one, a little faster than the previous one.

When we get to the back of the room, let’s turn slowly and take some more steps, slowly picking up speed. We keep working for at least ten minutes this way, always focusing on our movements.

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Walking around in the house like this has significant positive health effects. This exercise causes us to pay attention to an activity we would normally do automatically, and thus we are able to communicate with our bodies and the surrounding environment. We do this exercise every day and our stress levels should decrease, keeping us safe from the dangerous diseases associated with it.

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