“Walking 35 kilometers excites me”

Athletics, Stano: “Walking 35 kilometers excites me”

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On the morning of Saturday 23 April, in Dudens, Slovakia, there will be the seasonal debut of the Olympic champion over the 20 kilometres. Massimo Stano In search of minimal time in the new 35 km who will appear for the first time ai Eugene World Cup. The 30-year-old from Puglia has a lesson plan that he studied with his technician Patrizio Barseppe, very clear: 35km at the World Championships in the US, 20km at the European Championships in Munich the following month. However, for this project to materialize, it is necessary to go under 2 hours 33 minutes, at a distance to be explored, encountered only once in the race by Stano in a test three years ago at Gioiosa Maria (2h35:03). If he fails to qualify, even at the world championships in Oregon, he will compete at 20 kilometers, a distance that gave him Olympic gold on the Sapporo roads.

Other blues from Michelle will also compete in Dudince Antonelli (Air Force), Theodoric Kaburasu (Virtus Amelsider Bologna), Stefano a church (Carbineri) and Aldo I would like to go (Quercia Trentingrana) and in the feminine Lidia Barcelona (Bracco Atletica) Nicole the toilet (Carabinieri) and Sarah Vitilo (Self Atl. Montanari Gruzza): Standard setting at 2h54:00.

These are his words: “I am a fan of challenges, 35 km excites me a lot. After eight days of Dudince, on the 1st of May, I will compete in the Italian 20 km championship in Puglia, in Alberobello, we never planned for two such close matches, but everything was thought out in The light of the 2023 World Cup in Budapest when we wanted to. I’d love to try to double 20+35 in the same world championship. Only through experience will we understand what the recovery times are and the feasibility of this idea. It’s an important week that may open some doors to the future. Do you remember that before Cancellation I wanted to try the “fifty” but the epidemic prevented me?

Then he continues: “The goal is definitely ‘minimum’, on this occasion I’m not aiming for more striking results like the Italian record 2h26:16. So even if it came out 2h32:59 it would be fine. There’s no need to go faster, says Patrick” We keep our weapons secret for the World Cup”. In Slovakia we will be about eighty participants including six Chinese. Acceptable weather conditions await us, with forecasts giving minimum temperatures of about 8 degrees and maximum temperatures of 15, and a few drops of rest are not excluded. I will try to maintain The pace is 4:22, and then if I feel good in the final kilometres, I can try to get away in advance. But more than placement, the sensations are important and you find out when the moments of crisis come, in order to manage it. I will focus only on myself.”

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