Waitress receives $1,000 tip for Christmas: “Thank you for always working with a smile”

A truly unexpected Christmas gift was received by a waitress in a Wisconsin restaurant in the USA. A customer sent her $1,000 on a $17 receipt.

Callie Blue, who has been working at Gus’s Diner in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin for six years, has just started her morning shift when Michael Johnson, president and CEO of the local Boys and Girls Club, goes to the diner for breakfast. The waitress talked for 45 minutes with the donor, not knowing that her mission was to do good to those who couldn’t celebrate.

“We raised over $100,000 this year. We gave away a new car for a family of five. We tipped several maids, delivered groceries to about 50 families and gave away toys to over 600 kids,” Johnson told CBS. In our province.” He explained that the money was all collected on social media.

In a video recorded by Johnson of Blue of her receiving a tip, she can be seen laughing and crying. Johnson also wrote a note on the back of the receipt thanking the woman for “smiling and working on Christmas Day”.

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