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The new restyling discredits the iconic Fiat: this time, it’s the small car Fiat 127, the unforgettable champion of Italian roads.

When the car Leave an indelible mark In a country’s automotive history, it always leaves a lot of nostalgia behind when it goes out of production.

The dream of many old owners of historic cars always remains to see them one day Back to production.

This is what happens with Fiat 127The unforgettable little car then replaced by the Fiat Uno remained in production From 1971 to 1983.

This is a simple two-door with a rustic but solid air Moved nearly a million Italians in the seventies.

Over the course of twelve years, it was built Nearly 860,000 Fiat 127 In all versions, which ensured a massive spread of the small car in the country.

Car at launch Its cost is about 4 million lira, which is a significant number, but Still available For most citizens.

But let’s go now and see What are the features From this new 127.

New Fiat
New 127 Prospectus (YouTube)

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The new 127 is waiting for the series production of 2016

The first thing that appears when you look at this new Fiat 127 is great similarity The car that inspired her.

As already happened with the Fiat Nuova 500, Fiat I managed to redesign the font of the sub-contract in a modern way while maintaining public profile From the car unchanged.

Among the most interesting details of the car, which were studied on the chassis of the Fiat Punto, bi-spoke steering wheel, in clear reference to the seventies.

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Very interesting work, we must thank the designer for it David Obendorfer who supervised the project.

The history of the project dates back to 2013 But only in 2016 Real digital car display Finally released Officially to the delight of many fans.

Sadly, when asked “Will we be able to drive it soon?” Fiat He replied in the negative: 127 is still a prototype of it There are no concrete projects about starting production.

A prototype that will remain so At least for now: a real shame because Below the aesthetic levelThe car really is a feast for the eyes.

Comparison between the past and the future 127 (Youtube)

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